Asset Management

The costs associated with leasing or owning real estate are typically the largest fixed expense incurred by any company.   Whether a single location or an entire portfolio, William & Reeves is adept at evaluating each client’s requirements and developing a strategy to minimize expenses while improving occupancy, management efficiency and operations.  

Project Management

William & Reeves offers project management services for any size business and we are well versed in large-scale construction projects, tenant improvements, common area renovations, building system upgrades, HVAC RTU replacement and corporate relocations.  We also offer knowledgeable and experienced capital expense planning, beginning with a comprehensive top-to-bottom review of the building envelope and all building systems.

Real Estate Broker Services
William & Reeves is a licensed brokerage firm offering focused and diligent owner and tenant representation.  For the owner, a comprehensive market analysis and a detailed leasing and marketing plan is developed and implemented.  It is vital to ensure that every broker and prospective tenant in the market is aware of the opportunity and to continually reinforce the markets knowledge of its availability and positive attributes and benefits.  We are highly experienced and proficient at representing ownership’s interests and adept at negotiating the entire transaction from the first tour through lease execution.